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DriveEase Exceptional Vehicle Service Contracts

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It’s not a question of whether you will see any car repair bills. It’s only a question of when. Find out how little it costs to take the worry out of your driving, with DriveEase.

We are the good guys. DriveEase offers great coverage at a price that is affordable and fair. No high pressure, no slick promises.

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DriveEase Vehicle Service Contract Options

Not all coverages are created equal, call us to find out what you don’t have covered.

DriveEase Option 1

DriveEase Option 1

Our “major medical” protection plan. Just the BIG stuff – engine, transmission, drive axle.

*See Contract for actual terms.

DriveEase Option 1

DriveEase Option 2

This is similar to your factory warranty and is our most comprehensive plan.

*See Contract for actual terms.

Powertrain Coverage for Collector Cars

Including Classic, Antique, Restored, and Premium European Cars

The only plan with a $300 Flatbed Towing Benefit

Why You Need a Vehicle Service Contract

Repairs today are expensive, even the easy ones. With all the electronics and gadgets we connect, the cost to replace just an alternator on a domestic vehicle can be upwards of $800.


AC Compressor

Engine Module

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Repair bills add up! Find out how much to protect yourself from unexpected expenses.
Stop worrying about expensive car repair bills

We’ve Got You Covered.

We are the right people with the right coverage at the right price.  If you wish to discuss with your spouse or someone else important to you, please do.  All the big decisions require a time for reflection and counsel.

Don’t worry, we will be here when you need us and, more importantly, we’ll have your back.  Call us today for more information.


Is your manufacturer's warranty about to expire?

When it comes to insured plans from top providers in the nation, you won’t find better prices anywhere else! We are a Direct to Consumer Company, meaning: we are the administrator, payment plan provider and claims department. Since we don’t go through any middleman such as an auto dealership or agencie, we can control our service, payment plan options, and claims process. That savings gets passed on to our customers by about 30% below average market price!

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DISCLAIMER: ProTect Assurance is a nationwide company marketing vehicle service contracts on behalf of DriveEase; DriveEase will help determine which one is right for you. Your only out-of-pocket expense is the deductible, if applicable; and any charges not covered under your contract, such as maintenance work or non-covered repairs. Coverage, deductibles, and claims payment may vary depending on vehicle age, mileage, pre-existing conditions and the program selected. Programs are available in most states. All repairs are made by ASE-Certified mechanics. DriveEase & GetDriveEase.com is not affiliated with any auto dealer or manufacturer. You will be contacted by e-mail or phone once we receive your quote submission. Vehicle names, logos, brands, & other trademarks featured or referred to within DriveEase are property of their respective trademark holders.